Hold 3

Hold 3

Engelsk V 

Lokale: Kombi A, 1. sal 

John Rampley


20 lektioner i 2021 og 20 lektioner i 2021.

Pris 1400 kr.

Start: onsdag d. 6. oktober kl. 9.30


If you already speak English confidently but wish to increase your vocabulary and improve your pronunciation, join John the Englishman for a course conducted solely in English, and with a great deal of humour. John speaks British English, but will point out the most common differences between British English and American English. We devote most of the time to conversation within the group along with a topical text from one of the major British newspapers or the current BBC news, or, a short story, normally by a known author.

More information will be available from John at: john_rampley@ymail.com or call me on 71430329